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Blaffus is there for your dog, in Amsterdam North. Its a dog walking service, and a dog care and dog guest address within a domestic situation.

If due to illness, work or any other reason youre not able to walk your dog, then Blaffus is the solution for you. Im here for your dog, 7 days a week. Blaffus is there for everyone who wants to grant his or her pet the pleasure of a good long dog walk, with fun playmates. Your dog is a pack animal, so needs contact with his/her own kind. He or she is very welcome!

There are two walks of at least one hour per day. The first one is in the morning, the second in the afternoon. Between five to eight dogs go on each walk. They are taken home again, towel dry.

Solo walks are also possible, if the dog cannot participate in the group walk, for example due to being on heat or difficult behaviour. Attention is devoted to problematic behaviour on the walk.

In addition, I also offer dog care in a domestic atmosphere (i.e. not in a kennel). This could be dog day-care or a dog guest address for weekends, weekdays or holidays when the dog cannot accompany you.

Service area

The Blaffus service area includes Amsterdam North, IJburg, Zeeburg, Landsmeer and Oostzaan.

Walking locations

I try to walk in a wide variety of dog walking areas. Beach, dunes, wood, open grassland and always water, where the dogs can really enjoy themselves to the full. These areas include: IJmuiden, Wijk aan Zee, Twiske,  Spaarnewoude,  Hemmeland (Monnickendam), Amsterdamse Bos and many other locations. I am always pleased to hear new suggestions.

Perhaps the four-footers spend longer in the van than at other dog walk services, but once they realise that we go to fantastic walking spots, they dont mind at all. They just go to sleep during the ride.


After years of serving people within social care, education, art and culture, I now wish to spend my time with dogs.  When I became a dog owner six years ago, I became even crazier about dogs than I already was. I get on very well with dogs and dogs also get on very well with me.

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult for dog and master to find a place where dogs can romp around.  There are more and more Special Detectives, enforcers, police interference, prohibition signs and posts, and run free spots the size of a stamp.

This is why (in addition to earning an income) I wish to give dogs the space they need so badly.

                        Dinnertime, on location at the Stelling of Amsterdam

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